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Ice Formation in gas carrier cargo system - affects of frostbite & treatment

Low cargo temperatures can freeze water in the system leading to blockage of, and damage to, pumps, valves, sensor lines, spray lines etc. Ice can be formed from moisture in the system, purge vapour with incorrect dew point, or water in the cargo. When carrying low temperature, or cryogenic, cargoes this introduces other potential hazards such as frostbite.

What is Frostbite ?

If exposed to severe cold flesh will become frozen. At first the skin becomes red (but turns subsequently white); the affected area is painless but is hard to the touch. If left untreated the flesh will die and may become gangrenous.

Wherever you are at risk of contact with very cold liquids always wear sufficient clothing to protect your entire body ­ in cargo areas full PPE (personal protective equipment) may be required. Avoid skin contact with uninsulated pipes and valves in the cargo area.

Treatment of frostbite

  1. remove any clothing that may restrict circulation to the frozen area of the skin
  2. immediately immerse the affected area in a water bath having a temperature of between 40ēC and 46ēC until it has thawed
  3. do not `massage' the affected area

  4. obtain urgent medical assistance

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