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Means of access to liquefied gas carriers -Gangways or accommodation ladder arrangement

Personnel should only use the designated means of access between ship and shore. When a ship is berthed or at anchor, the means of access should be so placed as to be convenient for supervision and if possible away from the manifold area. Where practicable two means of access should be provided. Gangways or other means of access should be properly secured and provided with an effective safety net. In addition, suitable life-saving equipment should be available near the access point to shore.


During darkness the means of access and all working areas should be adequately illuminated.

Precautions against Visitors

Gangway notice has been posted, at the shore end of the access where possible. The notice should at least state that:

(1) Visitors are required to show identification;

(2) Passages from the gangway to the accommodation shall be designated

(3) Mobile phones and other electronic equipment must be switched off;

(4) Smoking and naked lights are prohibited;

(5) Lighters and matches are prohibited to be carried on board.

(6) Riveted shoes shall not be allowed.

The deck watch should ensure that access to the ship is denied to all unauthorized persons. Visitors shall be given attention to fire, and shall not be allowed to smoke in areas other than the designated smoking places.

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